The English department is a team of fully dedicated professionals committed to supporting, guiding and enriching the learning experience for all students.

Key Stage 3

At KS3, students follow a lively, engaging and challenging course where Assessment for Learning is given a significant emphasis. Students are formally assessed via two written examinations each year.

All  KS3 schemes of work have been reviewed and revised in 2015. This is to allow the skills needed for the new summative KS4 exams to be taught to all students- at age and ability-appropriate levels – from the outset of their Secondary education.

Here are some examples of creative work Year 7 students have produced in response to fictional writings:
Year 7 had to research information on Gods for their work on myths and legends. They were allowed to present their work in the most creative way they could think of with the winner receiving a prize.

The winning work was the model of Aphrodite produced by Teresa Fernandes and the runners up were Anna Watson for her light up Poseidon box and Jessica Digweed for her model of Zeus.

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 currently follow the AQA examination syllabus and sit GCSE English and English Literature at the end of year 11 as appropriate to their ability. In Year 10, an express group of gifted and talented students in English and Maths has been formed where students work in a challenging, exciting and vibrant learning atmosphere.

In the light of fundamental changes to GCSE examinations in English, all-new KS4 schemes of work have been produced; as well as building on the skills developed at Key Stage 3, these schemes will allow the students every opportunity to develop the stamina necessary to achieve their potential in English Language and Literature GCSEs, both of which are now assessed entirely in end of Year 11 terminal exams.